Subscription Services Make Your Whole Business Better

GoRecurring 19 October 2022
Subscription Services Make Your Whole Business Better

In subscription services, the thing that gets the most attention is the revenue it can generate. That’s fair enough, you run a business, and you want it to do well. But brushing past that headline highlight for a moment, there is so much more that a subscription service can do for your business.

Sure, you want to make more money, but the way to do that isn’t just adding a new service model to your business, it’s about creating greater connections with customers, using subscriptions to join up your products, and even becoming appealing to businesses that want to help you scale. Here, we’ll show you.

Better Customer Relationships

One of the greatest benefits of subscription models is giving you more opportunities to really engage and connect with your customers. If someone is subscribed to a service you offer, then it’s more than reasonable to email them regularly about the products they’re interested in, and what you’re developing next – anything that shows you’re committed to fulfilling their wants and needs.

Beyond just the relationship building through regular communication, if you have someone on a subscription service, you’re going to collect a lot more data on them than you ever would with a one-off purchase. This means you can make your marketing efforts in the future far more effective because they’ll be built on relevant data.

Better Selling

That improved marketing from more collected data that we just mentioned, is a big part of better selling. By understanding your customer base better, you’re going to have a far easier time delivering products and services that they’re actually interested in. This can go beyond usage statistics, and become a way to offer existing clients exclusive trials of new products, so you can get real market data without the risk of the product failing before you can fully develop it.

A subscription service can quickly become an embedded part of a customer’s life. Because of this, the awareness around you and what you do is likely to grow steadily over time. While a new customer might not be a good fit for everything you offer when you first onboard them, having a constant presence in what they do is going to help warm them up to additional purchases, through cross-selling and upselling.

Better Investment Opportunity

This one might not be relevant for you right now, or maybe even ever, but it is an important consideration for many. Companies that are scaling need capital to make their vision a reality. To be an attractive proposition to potential investors you need a number of things including great leadership, a brilliant product or service, and good financials.

A subscription service with a solid customer base can help to build a big part of this. Constant, predictable revenue is something that many investors can get behind because it shows them growth potential and cash flow, and often puts their concerns over viability at ease.

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