The Why, The What, The How Of GoRecurring

GoRecurring 29 September 2022
Want to know the answer to three questions: why, what, how?

Subscriptions aren’t a new thing. Chances are, you’ve got a bunch of them ticking away in your personal life, whether it’s for TV, film, toothpaste, or dog food. Now that subscriptions are everywhere, businesses want to make the most of them, and that’s why we’re here.

Combining the forces of rb2 and Subscription Factory, GoRecurring is here to support anyone that wants to make subscriptions a reality in their own business. We’re building a place where every resource you could ever need on subscription services is ready for you to tap into.

Why We Started GoRecurring

We’ve been committed to the idea of subscription services for over a decade. The businesses we work with have truly tapped into the potential of the subscription model, and we want more companies to get the most from recurring billing, and deliver products and services in ways that really benefit their customers.

A subscription model can do more than just bring onboard a bigger customer base or deliver new products. In a truly digital world, the power of personalization has never been so great. The data generated why a well-built subscription platform can be used by businesses to make their marketing and sales effects far more effective. A subscription service touches every part of a business, so we believe everyone should have the opportunity to get the most from it.

What Are We Doing About It

CMO, CFOs, and CEOs need to have a single place they can go for any bit of subscription service information they need to make their products a success. That could be technical information, strategic planning tips, use cases – whatever it takes to get their subscription service off the ground. That is precisely what we are creating with GoRecurring.

The best part of GoRecurring is that we’ve seen it all before. That’s not a brag, it’s just true. Between rb2 and Subscription Factory, we’ve advised businesses from almost every sector, on both technical and strategic ways to get subscriptions working, and we’ve also implemented those consultations many times – so it’s safe to say we’re experts. That means the resources we put together aren’t just theoretical, they’re built up on things we’ve learned from day one.

How Businesses Can Get Started With Subscriptions

While you can make a subscription service for any kind of product, there are certain kinds of products that work better than others. You’ll be most familiar with SaaS and streaming platforms, and digital services are now the standard above traditional licensing. With that said, whatever you want to make a subscription, you’re best starting with a pilot product.

Because subscriptions have been around for a while, we can consult on, develop, and implement subscription services for a wider range of budgets than before because so much of the setup has been optimized. Remember, subscriptions offer businesses a way to bridge the trifecta of quality, cost, and convenience, so you can tap into the benefit no matter how big or small you might be.

Before you started reading, you might not have known where to go for subscription service information, but now you do. It all starts with GoRecurring.

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