Recurring business models. Explained

One event. Two hours. Everything you need to know about subscription-based business models and how they can boost your revenues, customer retention, and much more!

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This event takes place on 3rd November 2022.


The action-packed agenda lasts just 2 hours.

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Zero travel expenses. An online event like no other!


Brought to you by Subscription Factory and rb2.

An Audience With Educators, Experts, & Change Makers

For GoRecurring 2022, we’ve gathered some leading lights from across the subscription sector, to bring you an insider’s perspective on what makes customers tick when it comes to recurring revenue.

And it’s not just B2C services – nor is subscription success sole restricted to software solutions and physical FMCGs! B2B is an enormous area of growth for subscription businesses.

Intrigued? You’ll have to join us to learn more!

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A Virtual Studio Experience

GoRecurring 2022 is also totally free to attend and will be held exclusively online. But wait – think online events are just glorified Zoom calls? Think again!

GoRecurring has partnered with online events specialist, FX Agency, to bring you a virtual studio experience. It’s more like entering the metaverse than being at a conference!

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Subscription Factory

For over 10 years, Subscription Factory has helped companies in multiple sectors transform their business with a subscription-based business model.

They deliver a powerful and proven package of financial knowledge, strategic thinking, project management, and training skills.

Subscription Factory helps you find the best solution for your business and its future.

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Software development agency rb2 has been building high-quality, secure, and streamlined applications for over 15 years.

As a technical developer, they’ve supported multiple customers in launching, configuring, and maintaining subscription platforms.

rb2 back-up their tech with dedicated support on the switch from ‘transaction-based thinking’ to ‘relationship-based thinking’.

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