GoRecurring 2022 – What A Day

GoRecurring 15 December 2022

Wow, what an event that was. GoRecurring 2022 surpassed even our expectations and is something we won’t forget anytime soon. If you missed GoRecurring 2022, don’t worry, you can catch up on the whole thing right here because today we’re putting together a summary of our fantastic event so you can get back up to speed. 

Not only was the event filled with experts from every corner of the subscription world, but it was also a chance for those interested in subscription models to take part through live polling during the event. It became a perfect feedback loop between expert and audience and we’re already excited for other events in the future. Here’s the recap you need on all things GoRecurring 2022.


If you really want to dive into a brilliant starting lineup then you don’t need to look any further than our speaker and host list from GoRecurring 2022. It really was a Who’s Who of top experts from all corners of the subscription industry.

  • Jim Stolze – Tech Entrepreneur & Host
  • Timo Zuidgeest – CEO Subscription Factory
  • Mark Van Der Ploeg – Coo At rb2
  • Michael Mansard – Principal Director Of Subscription Strategy, Zuora & Emea Chair 
  • Kay Croonen – Senior Director – Simon+Kucher & Partners
  • Tim Legerstee – Senior Manager – Simon+Kucher & Partners
  • Sander Fransen – Manager Revenue Services – Global Connected Services – DAF

I mean seriously, it’s no wonder so many people tuned in. If you want to catch up on the whole show, you can request the event video below this post and we’ll send it straight to your inbox. 

Question, Answer

Alongside the excellent talks and input from our esteemed list of speakers, our live polling of the GoRecurring 2022 audience revealed some really interesting opinions on subscriptions. We had a big range of questions that tried to get to the heart of the general consensus around subscription models. Here are just a few of the results.

What’s the main driver for a company to enter the Subscription Economy?

A. Generation of recurring revenue – 72,5%

B. Give customers a centric position in the business model to follow their journey – 22,5%

C. It’s a natural and nowadays common path of business growth – 5%

Top of the list for a reason, nearly 75% of our audience believes in recurring revenue as the primary driver for subscriptions. Us too!

What’s the most powerful subscription monetization strategy?

A. Recurring models based on monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing. Where you can choose between formats like bronze, silver & gold – 54,2%

B. A la carte quoting that you can convert into a recurring monetization model – 12,5%

C. Usage-based billing where customers pay for what they are using instead of pre-invoiced costs – 33,3%

This one really seemed to divide the audience’s opinion. We think this one is a lot less clear cut, and it very much depends on the nature of the product or service as well as what the market expects.

What’s the most difficult aspect for a re-inventor like DAF Trucks to become successful in the Subscription Economy?

A. Getting your organization customer-focused – 17,6%

B. The transition from transaction sales towards transactions and recurring sales. Ensure that sales have the right skills – 55,9%

C. Get your product & pricing in place and market it in such a way that customers understand that they need to pay for it – 26,5%

Perhaps unsurprisingly, over half the audience believes the transition to recurring sales is the biggest barrier to subscriptions – and if you ask us they’re spot on.

What An Experience

What can we say about GoRecurring 2022 that really captures how successful it was and how exciting a project it was for GoRecurring? Well, in short, we’re already working on our next event.

Want to be a part of a subscription-focused community? Get started with GoRecurring today.